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Terrikon.com is one of the oldest websites in Ukraine. It was founded on December 25, 1997 and since then, step by step, it has been gaining popularity among sports fans around the world.

We cannot seize the unseizable, but we try to quickly inform you about all the most important events in the world of sports. Our correspondents work at UEFA Champions League events, European Cup finals, FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship matches and the Stanley Cup games, and are happy to share their vivid impressions with their readers.

“Ô Sport, tu es la Paix!,” said the founder of the modern Olympic movement, Pierre de Coubertin, many decades ago. The world is multifaceted, and we try to convey every shade of its emotions to you.

Terrikon.com is a commercial media that lives off advertising and, more recently, the support of its readers.

Thank you for staying with us for over 25 years. And we welcome those of you, who visit us for the first time.


Andriy Peti - editor-in-chief
Yevhen Yasenov - deputy editor-in-chief, columnist
Ella Ivaniukovych - editor
Artem Hryhoriuk - editor
Vadym Karamanets - editor
Viktor Sokolov - editor

another languages: uk ru